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We work closely with our buyers to ensure they are aware of all facets of the process when making a purchase, so in the end they are able to navigate the competitive Silicon Valley real estate market successfully and find that special property.


In order for our buyers to reach their goals, we offer the following:

  • Search for properties on the market that meet your needs and requirements
  • Develop a preliminary evaluation of your property including the pros and cons, and complete an analysis of comparative property values in the immediate area
  • Properly advise you on the price and other advantageous negotiating options
  • Prepare a purchase offer
  • Arrange inspections, warranties, and other certifications that may be necessary prior to close of escrow
  • Accompany you on a final walk-through of the property prior to close
  • Attend the closing and provide any assistance you may need

If your purchase is for investment purposes, we can provide an investment cash flow analysis as well as guidance drawing on our expertise in property management.


RealtorSign  Step-1      Locate the Right Realtor

It is important to work with right real estate professional who matches your needs as this is quite possibly one of the largest purchases in your life.

We can help you by providing extensive information on the cities and neighborhoods you are interested in as well as navigate you through the home buying process.


Step-2      Get Pre-Approved for a MortgagePrepHome

For those buyers who need to finance their home purchase, it is important to meet with a mortgage lender in the very beginning of the home buying process.  This will help determine how much you can afford as you begin your home search.

If you do not already have a mortgage lender, we are more than happy to recommend lenders that we have worked with extensively and provide excellent service.


Make an offerStep-3       Find a Home and Make an Offer

It is important to find the right home  that suits your needs.

We can assist you by sorting through all of the home listings and data available online, and help you narrow down your search.  We are also more than happy to accompany you to those homes you are most interested in.  We want to ensure you are comfortable with the home and the surrounding neighborhood before making an offer.

Carefully review all disclosures associated with home you are interested in placing an offer on.  We will also review the disclosures and advise you of any potential issues we see.

Finally, we will prepare the offer to the seller and use our extensive knowledge of the market and expert negotiation skills to get you the best possible price for the home.


Step-4       Escrow ProcessBank

With an accepted offer, escrow involves an outside third-party to ensure all parts of the contract for the buyer and seller are complete.

We will stay in constant communication with the escrow company, providing them with all necessary forms until the transaction is complete.




At closing, the escrow company has all paperwork associated with the home transaction signed by both the buyer and seller.  The escrow company transfers your funds to the seller, and then the deed is recorded in your name with the county.

Once closing is completed and you are on record with the county, we will provide you with the keys to your new home!


  • “We highly recommend Davis & Co. Realtors. They helped us immeasurably with two home sales in Mountain View, and three home purchases: one in Mountain View, one in Los Altos and one in Palo Alto. In each case, their homework, attention to detail and negotiating skills helped us to obtain the best deal possible. Davis & Co.'s ability to estimate the correct pricing necessary to get the deal done in each case was nothing short of astounding.”

    —Arthur R.
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Davis & Co. on multiple commercial and residential Real Estate projects over the past 20 years. They have been instrumental in the success of finalizing these varied Real Estate transactions. Davis & Co.'s availability has been a very important factor as we have had to coordinate high level negotiations remotely in both out of state and out of country situations. Davis & Co. has excellent follow through, integrity, expertise, valuable industry experience, and has a very good name in Bay Area community. ”

    —Joel K.
  • “Davis & Co. manages two properties for my wife and myself, and I am as pleased as I could be over the professional service and attention to detail that Davis & Co. provides in taking care of our properties. Davis & Co. is always two steps ahead in terms of what needs to be done to keep the properties in good condition, and in taking care of the tenants' needs. Davis & Co.'s expertise is without question, their integrity is rock solid and they are as ethical as you could hope for.”

    —Jon K.
  • “Davis & Co. has been managing our rental property for the last 4 months. Over that relatively short period of time, they have been excellent. Davis & Co. is trustworthy, reliable, extremely quick over email, and has many contacts who are useful for various home maintenance, renovation and repair work (pool, gardening, electrician, plumbing, handyman, etc). Davis & Co. has also been very responsive to the tenants, and is prompt when dealing with any tenant issues or repairs that may be necessary. We would fully and heartily recommend Davis & Co. for future management of properties. ”

    —Topaz I.
  • “Davis & Co. are the most helpful and understandable/fun management that I ever have and I have been renting the office for 5 years already. All issues are addressed and resolved in the shortest time possible. I would highly recommend Davis & Co. to any of my friends and family! ”

    —Yulia K.