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General Questions Frequently asked by our Tenants and Applicants

Once you pay the deposit you have committed to the property. If you fail to move in you will forfeit the deposit. If you have signed the lease you will be responsible until a new lease is signed with a new tenant.

After you and the manager have completed a walkthrough of the property and completed a written condition report and pay first month’s rent you will receive the keys.

No. We do not allow residents to make repairs and deduct from rent.

Some websites like to add to their listings by copying listings from other web sites. The problem with that is that they are not updated nearly as often as we update our own site. A property we rented at 2pm will surely be removed from our website by 3pm on the same day, but could possibly still be listed on one of those sites for another week or even longer.

We show our properties upon demand. That means tenants are not forced to wait until a pre-scheduled open house to see the property. In order to save everyone time, gas and money, we make sure that the people who want to see a particular property qualify to rent it. If you qualify to rent the property, we are happy to show it to you when you want to see it.

We take it as an honor when an existing tenant desires to rent their next property from Davis Property Management. The security deposit, however, would have to be paid in advance, just as it would have to be on any new property. The fact that our properties are owned by individual owners makes it difficult to transfer security deposits from one property to another. The tenant will be responsible for turning over the old rental in excellent condition.

The lease is a legal contract between the tenant and the owner of the property. All the details of what is required when renting that particular property is included in that document. Time must be allowed to thoroughly read the entire contract and ask questions if any portion is not clear. Scheduling appointments allows us to make sure we provide the time you need and the attention you deserve when reviewing and signing this document.

The closer to the original condition you leave the property, the faster we can process your refund. If we have to coordinate work to bring the property back into good condition because of damage or cleaning that is your responsibility, your refund will be delayed accordingly. If there is no work to be coordinated, the refund could be processed in a matter of days. California law requires deposits to be refunded within 21 days of vacating.

Rather than do time-based updates, we find it much more effective to do action-based updates. Within 24 hours of getting a new property, it is on our web site. Within one hour of renting a property, it is removed from our web site. The action is what causes the update. That way you can be assured that the properties listed on our web site are still available for rent and the rent amounts are accurate.

Applying to Rent

Your good credit history is the assurance that you provide the owner that you will be reliable in paying rent and caring for the property. That credit history is tied to your social security number.

We have rented properties in such situations. Applicants may provide work papers, a passport, a contact from their originating country (such applicants may be asked to pay a higher security deposit).

No. Every tenant, like every property, is different. There may be reasons someone has a low credit score while being an excellent prospective tenant. All criteria are taken into consideration and are presented to the owner of the property for approval.

We are often able to work with people who have bankruptcies, depending on the date filed, status of filing, cause of the bankruptcy and credit history since the bankruptcy. If someone with a bankruptcy is approved, they are required to pay the maximum security deposit allowed by law, which is twice the amount of the rent for an unfurnished home.

The security deposit is a tenant’s way of offering a kind of guarantee to the owner of the property that they intend to take care of the property and pay rent on time. When there are situations that make a tenant a higher credit risk, a higher security deposit may be allowed instead of simply denying the application. The maximum deposit allowed by law is twice the amount of the rent for unfurnished properties and three times the amount of rent for furnished. The more the credit risk, the higher the deposit asked. A higher deposit is also required when there are pets involved.

Sometimes cosigners, or guarantors, are permitted. It depends on the particular property and the owner’s judgment.

The eviction process is lengthy and costly. There are times when a tenant suffers circumstances that cause them to need to leave a property (sudden inability to pay the rent, massive damage to the property, bringing pets to a no-pet property, etc). They always have the option of vacating the property prior to causing the legal process of unlawful detainer, better known as eviction. If a tenant remains in the property and forces the owner/landlord/property manager to go through the eviction process once, they are more likely to allow that to happen again.

We will accept as many applications for the same property as people want to apply. We always disclose to anyone who is not the first applicant that we are already processing an application so that they may decide if they want to compete for the property. Many times there will be delays in processing an application because prior landlords or employers do not promptly return our calls. Another applicant may know they are qualified to rent and choose to apply, and sometimes the second or third applicant is approved and gets the house.

All applications must be filled in completely. Applicants must either provide a recent credit report with a FICO score or submit the credit check fee, two recent pay stubs or an employment offer letter along with proof of any other sources of income to be considered.

The more documentation you provide, the faster we will be able to process the application. We have accepted bank statements, legal documents, 1099s, tax returns, leases, cancelled rent checks, deeds of trust, mortgage statements, passports, etc.

There are several ways. Before you do, however, make sure you qualify to rent the property of your choice. Compare your situation to our rental criteria. Then check with our office to make sure the property is not already rented.

Fill in our application from our website and submit it.  Please remember to also attach your credit report with a FICO score and proof of income via on our website.  You can also do the following if you would like us to run your credit and do not want to submit your application via our website:

  • Pay the credit report fee at the showing of the property and provide your filled-in application with proof of income
  • Mail the credit report fee with the application and proof of income (slowest method)
  • Scan and email (or fax) your application and proof of income, and pay the credit report fee at the time of the showing
  • Bring the credit report fee, application and proof of income to our office during working hours
  • Drop the credit report fee, application and proof of income in the drop box at our office after hours for processing the next business day
  • Send the application and credit report fee along with proof of income via courier, FedEx or other delivery service

Often there is more than one person interested in a property, whether they have all applied or not. If someone is serious about renting a property, they will have the security deposit available for when they are approved. If someone is approved, and they do not come in for the appointment to sign the lease and pay the security deposit, we cannot hold the property for them.


  • “We highly recommend Davis & Co. Realtors. They helped us immeasurably with two home sales in Mountain View, and three home purchases: one in Mountain View, one in Los Altos and one in Palo Alto. In each case, their homework, attention to detail and negotiating skills helped us to obtain the best deal possible. Davis & Co.'s ability to estimate the correct pricing necessary to get the deal done in each case was nothing short of astounding.”

    —Arthur R.
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Davis & Co. on multiple commercial and residential Real Estate projects over the past 20 years. They have been instrumental in the success of finalizing these varied Real Estate transactions. Davis & Co.'s availability has been a very important factor as we have had to coordinate high level negotiations remotely in both out of state and out of country situations. Davis & Co. has excellent follow through, integrity, expertise, valuable industry experience, and has a very good name in Bay Area community. ”

    —Joel K.
  • “Davis & Co. manages two properties for my wife and myself, and I am as pleased as I could be over the professional service and attention to detail that Davis & Co. provides in taking care of our properties. Davis & Co. is always two steps ahead in terms of what needs to be done to keep the properties in good condition, and in taking care of the tenants' needs. Davis & Co.'s expertise is without question, their integrity is rock solid and they are as ethical as you could hope for.”

    —Jon K.
  • “Davis & Co. has been managing our rental property for the last 4 months. Over that relatively short period of time, they have been excellent. Davis & Co. is trustworthy, reliable, extremely quick over email, and has many contacts who are useful for various home maintenance, renovation and repair work (pool, gardening, electrician, plumbing, handyman, etc). Davis & Co. has also been very responsive to the tenants, and is prompt when dealing with any tenant issues or repairs that may be necessary. We would fully and heartily recommend Davis & Co. for future management of properties. ”

    —Topaz I.
  • “Davis & Co. are the most helpful and understandable/fun management that I ever have and I have been renting the office for 5 years already. All issues are addressed and resolved in the shortest time possible. I would highly recommend Davis & Co. to any of my friends and family! ”

    —Yulia K.