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Utility Contacts
Gas / Electric Atherton, CupertinoPacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
Los Altos, Los Altos Hills Pacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
Menlo ParkPacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
Mountain ViewPacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
Palo Alto City of Palo Alto Utilities (650) 329-2161
Redwood CityPacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
SunnyvalePacific Gas & Electric(800) 743-5000
WaterAtherton California Water Service Company(650) 854-5454
Cupertino San Jose Water Company (650) 279-7900
California Water Service Company(650) 917-0152
Los AltosCalifornia Water Service Company (650) 917-0152
Los Altos HillsPurissima Hills Water District(650) 948-1217
Menlo ParkCalifornia Water Service Company(650) 367-6800
Menlo Park Water Maintenance(650) 330-6780
Mountain ViewCity of Mountain View Utilities(650) 903-6317
Palo AltoCity of Palo Alto Utilities(650) 329-2161
Redwood CityCity of Redwood City Utilities(650) 780-7210
Sunnyvale City of Sunnyvale Utilities (408) 730-7400
GarbageAtherton Recology(650) 595-3900
CupertinoRecology(408) 725-4020
Los AltosMission Trail Waste Systems(650) 473-1400
Los Altos HillsGreen Waste Recovery(650) 947-4994
Menlo ParkRecology (650) 595-3900
Mountain ViewRecology (650) 967-3034
Palo AltoCity of Palo Alto Utilities (650) 329-2161
Redwood CityRecology (650) 595-3900
What's a tenant to do when...
You notice a maintenance problemReport it right away. Some problems worsen if left unchecked, such as dry rot and leaks. Tenants may be liable for the damage caused by unreported problems.
Some time has passed and no repair person has contacted me for an appointmentPlease contact us so we may address the problem.
You have made an appointment with the repair personBe sure to keep the appointment. If nobody is present when a repair person arrives at the appointed time, and you have not rescheduled the appointment, you will be charged for the service call.
The repair person failed to show up for the appointmentPlease call or email us so we may address the problem.
The repair did not holdPlease call us immediately so that we may have the repair person or a new vendor make it right.
The repair is completedPlease call or email us so that we can note it accordingly.
Things to consider before calling the property manager to address a maintenance issue:
Appliance/system not working First, make sure that everything is plugged in and all switches are turned to the "ON" position. Make sure there is no timer that is set, preventing normal operation, such as on a programmable heating/air system.
Garbage disposal not working"Stir" the disposal blades with the handle of a broomstick or other such item. This will often dislodge whatever is causing the unit to jam up. If this does not work, try pressing the reset button, usually found under the sink on the disposal unit. Disconnect power to the unit and then make sure no foreign object has been placed in the disposal. Things such as chicken bones, toys, bottle caps, onion skin, celery, chicken skin and more will get stuck in the blades and cause the disposal to cease working.
Heat/air conditioner not workingIf it is an electric unit, shut off all the switches at the breaker box, wait several minutes and then turn them all back on again.
Are you enrolled in the Peak Corp program? Your system may be "cycled" by SMUD without your knowledge or your control.
Too little heat/airChange your heating/air conditioning filter. Clogged filters cause the system to work harder and impedes the flow of air through the ducts.
Electrical problemsFlip all breakers to the "OFF" position, wait a few minutes and flip them back on.
Range/ovenIf it is a gas unit, call PG&E first. Sometimes PG&E can fix small problems, such as the pilot light, at no charge.
Water leaksCall the appropriate water department first as it may sometimes be the city or county's responsibility depending on where the problem is. If not, they will tell you. If it is, they will fix it promptly.
Windows/screensWindows and screens damaged during tenancy are your responsibility. If glass is broken, immediate replacement must be made with like-kind materials and quality. You may assign repairs that are your responsibility, but a professional job is expected. No deductions from rent will be permitted nor reimbursements of any kind made unless specific arrangements are made in advance.
The tenant should inform us when noticing:
Clogged gutters (this could cause water damage to the foundation of the house)
Dry rot visible in any area (this could progress rapidly causing major damage)
Mistletoe or vines choking a tree (it could kill the tree)
Tree limbs hanging on the roof (it may invite vermin or damage the roof)
Water leaks anywhere on the property (unchecked leaks could lead to extensive and expensive damage that may become the tenant's responsibility)
A fence in disrepair
Trip hazards anywhere, including walkways and driveways
Standing water around any area of the house
Grout or caulk separating, cracking or splitting
Chipping or peeling paint
Cleaning and maintenance recommendations:
Do not use lemon juice on granite counters.
Do not use water on wood floors.
Do not use liquid drain cleaner! Use a flange or cup plunger instead.
Use only approved cleaners on stainless steel appliances.
Squeegee shower doors to prevent water spots.
Make sure yard sprinklers do not spray on windows, since water spots on the windows may be difficult or impossible to remove.
Regularly replace the batteries in all smoke detectors.
Regularly replace the heating and air filters.
Keep the chimney clean, if you have a fireplace, and observe "no-burn" days.
The tenant will be held responsible for any repairs that are due to negligence or abuse:
Amenity:Common causes considered to be abuse and/or negligence:
Garbage disposalAttempting to dispose of unacceptable items (e.g.: chicken skin, celery, egg shells, onion skins, artichokes, bones, potato peels, and much more)
Placing too much matter in the disposal at one time
Running the disposal for too long or without enough cold water running
DishwasherLeaving food residue on the dishes when placing them in the dishwasher
Running it less than once every other month, causing seals to dry out
RangeUsing oven cleaner on self-cleaning oven (ruins interior surface)
Grease accumulation on or around burners (can cause electrical fire)
Food spills and overflows (can clog burner lines, ruin elements)
Central heat/airFailure to change the filter every two or three months, which can lead to emission of dangerous fumes, as well as higher heating/AC bills
FireplaceLeaving the damper closed when starting a fire
Using lighter fluid on wood
Building too large a fire for the size of the fireplace
Leaving the screen/glass doors open while a fire or embers are burning
BathroomForeign objects dropped into toilet bowl
Using excessive amounts of toilet tissue at one time
Flushing inappropriate matter (e.g.: cigarette butts, paper towels, etc)
Grease and/or hair build-up in pipes
Not using the fan or opening the window while showering, causing mildew
Water splashing out of tub/shower (damages floors, ceilings, causes dry rot)
Telephone wiring damageAdditional telephone jacks/wiring is NOT permitted without prior written approval. If approved, installation and removal must be done by a professional technician.
ClosetsOver-stuffing, which can cause sliding doors to slip off track and break
Excessive weight hanging on the clothing rods, causing rods to fall/break


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